You Love Fruit Superberry, 1 oz


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5 reviews for You Love Fruit Superberry, 1 oz

  1. Beautiful Life

    If you like chewy yumminess

  2. Beautiful Life

    Love at first bite!

  3. Beautiful Life

    OMG!!! I am in LOVE… I am obsessed with this little circles of delicious yumminess. I literally ate my weight in these so thanks for the extra weight but was it worth it… EVERY SINGLE CIRCLE.

  4. Beautiful Life

    Tasty, but difficult to remove from package and eat. You must remove individual, thin, sticky hearts of fruit from folded paper. By the end, your fingers adhere to most anything. Too bad, good fruit, but poor packaging and thin little heart design detracts significantly.

  5. Beautiful Life

    My kids and my husband love these! My daughter’s track coach recommended them and so we buy them in bulk. Now I have to fight them off from eating them all the time because they’re not cheap. They only get one after practice. They’re expensive but at least it’s all good ingredients (pulp, juice, and artichoke fiber). They taste so much better than they sound.

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